Welcome to Tommy Merry 2.0

All of the films and video productions I create are shaped by music playing in my head, while all of the audio productions are based on films I see in my head. Many times a project will only call for one, or the other. But when the two come together - it's magic. Thanks for visiting my site. Please click on a link above to learn more about the projects I'm working. Or take a look at news below for a tale of the tape

All of these roles seem to be interconnected in my life. The cohesive strand is creativity, and I switch hats efortlessly as needed. I have been in the multimedia industry since its inception and have created award winning films, produced videos for fortune 500 companies, won numerous awards for guitar playing, shared the stage with some of the best bands on the planet and produced a number of musical CD's in various styles, bands and genres. I am grateful to be living a creative life in which there is no distiction bewtween "Work" and "What I love to do most", and I thank my creator for this daily.


  • 5/13 - Music video I directed and edited, for the incredibly talented Brazilian Band, "The Element", (see video page ) was featured on Eddie Van Halen's musical instrument gear site (EVH) and Morley Pedals.

  • 10/12 - Amazon Startup Challange

  • 11/11 - FoodBuzz/Alexia foods video production with Food Netowrk's Tyler Florence

  • 10/11 - Directing music video for Panic is Perfect song"Washed Out".

  • 10/11 - Shooting Kinetic Concepts, Inc. for Studio B Films

  • 08/11 - Shooting Rapper Tiney Tempah for ATT at Regencey Ballroom in San Francisco.

  • 06/11 - Shooting background segment for new FOX TV show, Father Albert

  • 05/11 - Directing and Editing Music video for Requiem for the Dead

  • 04/11 - My new micro TVseries "Invocation" will begining airing AZTV7 Cable 13 in Arizona in April 2011, and after that in the Great Lakes area.

  • 02/11 - Directing and Editing Music video for Michael John Ahern

  • 06/10 - Lead editor on "Coral Seas Modules" to be used by Education Services Austrailia, produced by Specialty Video

  • 05/10 - Recorded and mixed CD for HMB Coastside Chorale & Bell Choir

  • 04/10 - Producing greenscreen newscast demo for Bay Area personality.

  • 03/10 - Shooting/Editing pilot segment of upcoming (..confidential..) reality televison show.

  • 03/10 - In the recording studio with PinPoint Mercy recording 5 new song w/ Super Producer Stephen Hart.

  • 03/10 - Lead editor for Zaytuna College Promotional Video

  • 02/10 - Designed and edited DVD special Features for: Master of Light: Albert A. Michelson. First American to win the Nobel Prize in Physics.

  • 12/09 - Demo Shoot for TLC/Discovery Channel.

  • 01/10 - Video Post Production Certifcation from BAVC, San Francisco

  • 11/09 - Producing promotional video for FESCO homeless Shelter.

  • 10/09 - Relased new film "Invocation".

  • 06/09 - Producing pilot for cooking show featuring local Bay Area Celebrity Chef

  • 05/13/09 - Headling Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco. W/ Pinpoint Mercy (1st show) "A Nightmare to Remember" film Festival in San Francisco interviewed me on the process of creating Number 19

  • 01/09 - my song "Above and Beyond" was licensed for the release of Nash Bridges Box set.

  • 12/08 - My music is licensed by Allstate insurance. I guess were going to star to see some rocking accidents ;-)

  • 11/08 - "Beyond" off my 2nd CD Drawing down the Moon was chosen up by Tom Arnold's "The Best Damn Sports Show" on FOX TV as a theme and backing track and has had over 2000 plays as of 11/08! (ASCAP)

  • June, 21 2008 - My film #19 took 1st place at the "A Nightmare to Remember" film Festival in San Francisco. Thanks to all the friends who came out to support the festival, the crew and cast of my film, my co-writer, the other filmmakers who shared their great films and the Fantastic people at Last Doorway Productions who put on this horror festival. Watch trailer Here

  • 03/08 - I'm joining my old band Barking at Flies on Stage. We're opening for Tesla at Pistol Pete's in Auburn. The money from this benefit for the late great Steve Clausman will go to the Forest hills music program.

  • Music from my 3rd CD Tommy Merry 3 is airing on radio stations:

  • Tommy Merry 3 is now availible on CD Baby, Guitar 9 Records, Napster and iTunes

  • 05/07 - Played "Jemstock" in Cotati with my instrumental band. The show featured Steve Vai and Doug Doppler. We were invited by Ibanez in Celebrating two decades (1987-2007) of the extraordinary and groundbreaking JEM Series of Ibanez guitars that Steve Created.

  • 1/07 - Instrumental Observer Review writes - The new CD, 3 by Tommy Merry is rock therapy for your soul. Whether it's a case of context reshaping even the most unmistakable of compositional styles or a subtle shift in compositional style forcing a re-evaluation of instrumental context, 3 is further evidence that Tommy Merry is one of the most significant artists of the rock genre.

  • Tommy's featured in 20th Century Guitar Magazine's Center Stage column.

  • 10/01/06 - Strutter Magazine says: Tommy's guitar work is like JOURNEY and DOKKEN without vocals! -

  • 06/06 - Garage Band.com chooses F.O.G. as song of the day after only two days on the charts.

  • 03/06 - My music used feature the TV show "Party @ the Palms" with Jenny McCarthy

  • 05/01/06 - The new CD "Tommy Merry 3" is oficially release. Tommy worked with with World Class Engineer Tom Size (Joe Satriani, Racer X, Neal Schon, Y&T, Joe Pass, Mr. Big) for the final mixdown of the album. Having Tom Size on on the team was an honor andmade an already great album.. phenomenal!

  • 03/06 - Tommy's Featured this month on Strummings.com

  • 12/05 - Belgium's Metal To Infinity webzine interviews Tommy Merry.
    Read interview here

  • 10/05 - Tommy's song "Bulletproof" has been licensed by MGA Entertainment for the kids toy, "BRATZ Groovin' Guitar Game!". Its a game controller that's shaped like a guitar that allows you to plug into your television and jam along to Bratz hits as well as a few other selections one of them being Tommy's Bulletproof. The first batch sold out at Walmart and Target stores but is now back in stock. Order this collectors piece asap See details

  • 10/05 - Drawing Down the Moon receives 94 out of 100 points from CD review in "Metal to Infinity Magazine" from Belgium. Read review here.

  • The film "A Form Of Guilt", written and directed by Tommy merry, is playing at the Stockton Empire Theatre in Stockton CA, for a limited engangemenet: September, 9 & 10th, 16 & 17th, 23rd & 24th, 30th & Oct 1st. The movie stars Ana Lorenzana, Glorinda Marie and Carolyn Zola. This will be the films first public appearance. - See film's Website

  • 8/05 - Tommy Merry can be heard soling a new song called "Guitarists 4 the Kids", it's an instrumental song that he soloed on along with Guitarists from all over the world including: Mark London, Joy Basu, Terry Lauderdale, Dave Martone, Bumblefoot, Dan Palladino, Steve Lang, Michael Vick, Ryan Conroy, Jovan, all soloing one ONE SONG!!!
    Download the song at Artists For Charity.com and please give what you can.

  • 05/05 - Tommy's original song Above and Beyond is licensed for the "True American Story" televison show with host Montel Williams.

  • 7/05 - The new T-Shirts featuring the new band logo are available Here.

  • 5/05 - The second CD "Drawing Down the Moon" has just been remastered and re-released with all new graphics. Order it Here

  • 4/05 - Tommy is in the recording studio putting the finishing touches on "Out of the Blue", the fourth song completed for the new CD the bands recording. Sign up on the e-list to recive a pre release copy soon.

  • 4/05 - "Bullet Proof" a custom track I wrote gets placement on NBC daytime Drama "Passions".

  • 11/04 - My music is licensed for the third year in a row for Night of Stars and is broadcast nationally at every race track in the US as well as a web simulcast event.

  • 5/04 - The television episode I did the music for on The Crow series goes into syndication in yet another country making it featured in Japan, Australia, Germany and Now Poland (as reported by ASCAP)

  • 1/04 - Witches hammer is chosen for Barcelona's ROCKFEVER 98.1 FM as their opening theme for the show for the entire year. Drawing Down the Moon is also in regular rotation on the station.

  • 12/03 - Me & Band in studio working on the soundtrack for the Film "A Form of Guilt".

  • 8/03 - My production company has just completed principal photography for his new film "A Form of Guilt", and are currently in the editing stage of production. More details, a dedicated film website and trailer soon to be posted here.

  • 11/02 - Opened for Joe Satriani, Journey, Montrose, Y&T and Testament at the Chronicle Pavilion Bone Bash III.

See you around the Bay Area soon!