I mainly serve the Greater Sacramento Area to the Bay Area. However, I've also traveled globally for video productions and often travel out-of-state for many projects as budget permits. TMP = Music Videos, Corporate Videos, Small Business Videos, Motion Graphics.

I am a filmmaker at heart, and approach all my video productions from a storyteller's perspective.

Take a look at some of my work below, then drop me a line.

Cimerron - Tommy: Directed/Edited

Big budget Music Video: Requiem
IndeeLift - Crowdfunding campaign
Top 40 promotional video: Larry Lynch
Doug Tawlks
Greg Golden
Mare Island Travel
Virgin America Aand Google Chromebooks (Tommy:Camera)
Austrailian Television (Tommy:Editor)
10 Million Google Users (Tommy:Editor)

Tommy Merry Productions is a full-service film, video and music production company serving the Greater Sacramento Area to the California Bay Area. We offer everything from music videos, corporate videos, small business videos, to crowdfunding videos.

Still want to see more?? CONTACT ME :-)