Tommy Merry's Video Production

Over the last few years I have directed, shot or edited videos for the following companies: Kellog's Pop-Tarts, Google, Microsoft, TCL/Discovery Channel, Food Network, Tyler Florence, The Great Food Truck Race, FOX Television, Father Albert TV Show, AT&T, Sun Microsystems, PG&E, Virgin America Airlines, Reuters, Girl Scouts of America, IABC, Zaytuna College, Stanford University biodesign dept., Tinie Tempah, Freecycle, Intuit, Olympus Cameras, Bakersfield Condors, Web MD, Trident Gum,, Education Services Australia, FESCO, Infineon Raceway, LinkedIn and Hasbro BeyBlades, Courtroom View Network. As well as ethnographys, customer testimonials, partner success stories, music videos, Indie short films and numerous small businesses and non-profits.